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Commercial Security Company

The door to your establishment is not only an important part of your business’s look; it’s also your first line of defense. As such, the ideal front door to your business should incorporate a design that speaks to your company’s history and values while also providing security to everything in your building. At Optima Security, Inc., we know how important your business is, and that is why we take great pride and care in ensuring your assets are secure.

tom in his optima van

Give Yourself the Optima Security, Inc. Advantage

By working with the leaders in the commercial door and security industry, we can offer the best commercial door parts, and security hardware to our customers. Whether you run a small clinic or restaurant with an employee base in the dozens or a large factory or facility, we can provide the locks and accessories, entry systems, keyless access, electromagnetic locks, and everything you need to keep it safe. As a family-owned business, we want only the best for our community and its business owners. So when you work with Optima Security, Inc., we take the time to get to know you, your company, and your security needs. We’ll consult with you and provide our expertise and advice to get you the option that works for you.

Why Choose Us

We know that you have several options when it comes to choosing a locksmith and outfitting your establishment with a commercial lock system. What sets us apart at Optima Security, Inc. is the time and care we take for each individual. Being locally owned and having roots in the Jacksonville area, we care about the safety and security of all of the other hardworking business owners along the First Coast.

Whether you’re seeking a repair or installation, you can trust our team to keep your facility safe with the latest in hinges, hardware, locksets, and more. We’ve been helping business owners in the area since 1995. Contact us today to discuss your security options and to get a better idea of the inventory of hardware that we have to offer.

Optimize Your Security Today!